Elmiron Lawsui

Interstitial cystitis is a painful condition that affects the bladder and pelvic region. While interstitial cystitis cannot be cured, doctors have a few pharmaceutical options for treating its symptoms. Elmiron is a common medication used to treat chronic interstitial cystitis.

Recently, scientific studies have linked Elmiron, a medication for interstitial cystitis, to retinal damage. Specifically, taking high doses of Elmiron, known commonly as pentosan polysulfate sodium, have an increased incidence of maculopathy over years of use. Maculopathy is a permanent change in a patient’s retinas, resulting in irreversible vision loss. Persons with this condition have usually seen an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) that specializes in conditions involving the retina, or the area in the back of the eye.

This link to maculopathy has prompted patients taking this drug to file lawsuits. We are looking for individuals that have used Elmiron over a long period of time – at least one or more years – and have been diagnosed or experienced serious vision changes. Forms of eye damage suffered from Elmiron are wide-ranging and include:

  1. Loss of night vision
  2. Blurred or distorted vision
  3. Blind spots
  4. Eye pain
  5. Vision loss