About US

Estique Tort Prospecting is a leading mass tort researched providing company.

We specialize in creating genuine leads with high quality as our top priority.

Our mission is to act as a medium to educate our customers about lawsuits and introduce them to our associated clients.

We understand that many people are affected by defective drugs or products and may be struggling with pain and complications.

We aim to eliminate the fear of cost and provide assistance to those in need. Our primary focus is on the following cases: Talcum Powder, NEC, Elmiron, Paraquat, Round-Up, Hurricane, Hernia Mesh, Mesothelioma, and more.

Why Choose Estique Tort Prospecting ?

Genuine Leads: We prioritize the generation of authentic and verified leads.

High Quality: Our leads go through a stringent quality control process to ensure their reliability.

Comprehensive Education: We educate our customers about lawsuits and provide them with valuable information.

Cost-Free Assistance: We eliminate the fear of cost for those dealing with complications due to a certain product.

Extensive Database: Our specific databases are tailored to meet our clients’ requirements and target audiences.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: We gather our database by running targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Publishing Page: Our publishing page serves as a reliable source of information and engagement with the audience.

Our Database

Tailored Databases: We provide specific databases based on client requirements and target audiences.

Targeted Approach: Our databases are carefully curated to reach the right audience for your campaign.

Verified Contacts: We ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the contacts in our database.

Opt-In Subscribers: Our database comprises individuals who have willingly subscribed to receive information and updates.

Data Privacy: We adhere to strict data privacy regulations to protect the information of our database contacts.

How We Gather Our Database

Digital Marketing Campaigns: We run targeted digital marketing campaigns to attract relevant audiences.

Landing Pages: We create compelling landing pages to capture leads and gather data from interested individuals.

Researched Forms: Our researched  forms collect essential information to build a comprehensive database.

Social Media Engagement: We engage with our audience on social media platforms to expand our reach and gather data.

Content Marketing: We publish informative content to attract individuals interested in mass tort cases.

Email Marketing: We leverage email marketing campaigns to connect with potential leads and build our database.