100% EXCLUSIVE Guaranteed Case Acquisition Leads 23 QUESTION PREQUALIFICATION ALL QUALIFIERS GUARANTEED Performance Based researched Leaders in Mass Tort Lead/Case Generation Industry

Qualified Case Acquisition

Estique Tort is an innovative vertically integrated legal case acquisition marketing company. We disrupt the status quo by providing qualified claimants to lawyers nationwide built on technology, data and transparency. At Estique Tort, we connect qualified claimants with representation in the most efficient and effective process for our clients.

Acquisition platform

The first step is designing customized campaigns that specifically target claimants that fit your criteria. These campaigns integrate advertising through a diverse selection of mediums, including social media, paid search, traditional media such as TV, radio, and other qualifying channels. Using a variety of different mediums guarantees a diversified demographic for our client’s retainer dockets.

In-House Call Center

The next step is having qualified leads connected to our internal call center that is open 24/7. Each lead will be pre-screened and qualified to ensure that they fit your criteria on every level and thereafter the qualified leads sign the attorney retainer agreement based on your specifications. This saves you time, money, and headaches.


Deliver Qualified Retained Plaintiffs

The final step is very simple. We refer the guaranteed qualified retainers over to you after the attorney retainer agreement has been through our extensive QC-process and signed. Our experience in the mass tort industry allows us to find the right plaintiffs and deliver them directly to you.



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